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Q: Any tips for flossing well while wearing braces?

A: Flossing with braces can be tough, but it’s OHHHH so important. Here is a list of helpful tools for getting in between those teeth with all those brackets and wires:

1. SuperFloss- a GREAT option. This floss has a hard plastic end that can be easily guided under the wire AND a fuzzy middle that works like toothbrush bristles to remove plaque.
2. Floss Threaders- These look like large sewing needles. You thread your regular floss through the “eye” of the threader and then use the threader to guide the floss under the wire.
3. Platypus Flossers- These are a crowd favorite. Similar to regular plastic flossers, these are specifically designed to work with braces. One end is curved so it slides under the wire. NO THREADING REQUIRED! I love these for car rides to school/camp.
4. WaterPik/Airflosser- A nice option to power wash teeth with water or air. They direct water or air at high volume between your teeth. They definitely remove plaque, but they can be messy… at least with my kids;)
5. Proxy Brushes “Christmas Tree Brushes”- These aren’t technically flossers, but the triangular shape fits under the wire and cleans right where the teeth meet each other. This “interproximal” area is a HARD place to clean with regular toothbrushes and is often missed by floss as well. Proxy brushes are perfect for this and a nice option to keep for on-the-go cleaning. When I had braces, I kept them in my purse for a quick after-meal clean.

Cleaning with braces may be a bit tedious, but remember it’s only a small inconvenience for a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles!


Dr. Katie Bullwinkel
Board Certified Orthodontist
Bullwinkle Orthodontics