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How Can I Afford a Perfect Smile?

Ready for that perfect smile but not sure how to fit treatment into your budget? There are so many options available to help make orthodontic treatment accessible and affordable for your family!

Bullwinkel Orthodontics is unique in that we offer interest-free financial contracts for our patients in order to break down the cost of treatment into smaller, easier to manage, monthly payments. These payments typically span the length of the patient’s treatment. We also offer a discount to families who choose to pay the total fee at the onset of treatment.

We accept all insurances and collaborate with our families to obtain the maximum coverage for orthodontic treatment.

There are also various options outside of our office that can help make treatment more affordable.

One option is to use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) to finance your treatment. These accounts allow you to use pre-tax dollars toward health care expenses such as orthodontics and can save you more than $600 a year on orthodontic treatment!

Another option is to apply for a CareCredit card. CareCredit applicants can be approved instantly over the phone and they offer a variety of financing options, some of which are interest-free!

If any of these options are used in conjunction with orthodontic insurance, you could see your out of pocket expenses greatly reduced.

Call us today to talk with us about treatment and any payment questions we can assist your family with!