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Everyone knows about Invisalign and its “invisible” appearance.  While Invisalign and other clear aligners are a wonderful tool, they rely HEAVILY on patient compliance.  Invisalign is a series of clear trays with small movements prescribed in each tray.  The trays are removed every time you eat, brush… or drink anything other than water. In addition, you must wear these trays for twenty-two hours daily and replace the trays based on a schedule determined at the start of treatment. These requirements can be challenging for some to keep up with. 

This is where LINGUAL BRACES, or hidden braces, come into play.  These are actual braces that are placed BEHIND your teeth (i.e. on the tongue or lingual side of your teeth).  They are truly invisible and do not require you to take anything in or out to eat. Regular oral hygiene and scheduled check-ups with myself (your orthodontist) and your dentist are all the personal compliance that is required!

As an “Invisalign Dropout” myself, I can tell you having it glued in is like having a gym coach in your living room.  Lingual braces require no adjustments to your daily schedule or life. You just show up for appointments and I (Dr. Katie) do ALLL the work! Easy peezy!

Lingual Braces Facts:
  • They are similar to traditional braces but are placed BEHIND your teeth
  • These braces are truly invisible. You won’t see them unless someone chooses to show you!
  • Compliance with Lingual Braces is a breeze!
  • Follow up appointments are typically every 8-10 weeks
  • We promise your tongue will get use to them, just as your mouth adapts to traditional braces or Invisalign

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Our office is a proud provider of INBRACE, the newest, leading lingual braces technology on the market.